Work Order & Refund Policy Agreement

1. It is the responsibility of the client to communicate at an appropriate timeframe. We expect client to respond to our inquiry within 48 business hours. The approval requires adequate communications between us the service provider, and client, in order to successfully fulfill the work order. Communication delays from client will offset the approval process, which cost and waste our administrator’s time and resources. If client does not respond within 48 business hours, we will render the order complete.


2. Client agrees to allow us up to 30 days to from the date of the approval document’s first submission into Amazon, in order to fulfill their approval request. Every client’s approval process is unique and different. What works for one client may not work for another. Client is eligible for a full 100% refund, if client is not fully approved for their chosen brand or category after 30 days from initial document submission. If client request an early refund prior to the 30 days initial document submission, client will be entitled to 0% refund. Overall, we ask that client be patience during the approval process. Our main goal here is to get you approved and ungating as soon as possible. Upon agreement of this work order agreement, any tampering with the cases, removing user permissions, will void the work order and a 0% refund will be issued. 


3. Once client have chosen their desired category or brands to ungate for approval and accept this agreement, client may not change their mind on the accounts they wish to gain approval for after 24 hours, nor can they change the brands or category requested. To avoid this, client must be sure the brands and categories they want approval for, is what they want, prior to agreeing to these terms. No refunds will be offered if client tampers with brand or category case while our team is actively working on the account, or if client removes user permission which will disable us to continue to work on the approval. If any of these actions are detected on client’s end, 0% refund will be issued. 


4. If client chooses our “Done with you” service, upon our team sending out supplier’s purchasing information via email with subject “Step 1: Brand Approval process (video attached) – VERY IMPORTANT”, client agree that there is a 0% refund policy. By signing this work order agreement, you agree to follow our instruction precisely in that email in a timely manner (within 48 business hours of receiving the email instructions), so our team may appropriately assist you to ungate the brands or categories you need. If we do not receive a response from client within 48 business hours after sending client the email with subject line “Step 1: Brand Approval process (video attached) – VERY IMPORTANT”, the work order will deem complete due to client’s unresponsiveness. By accepting this work order agreement, you agree to all terms set forth here in this document.