Work Order & Refund Policy Agreement

1. It is the responsibility of the client to communicate within an appropriate time frame. We expect the client to respond to our inquiry within 48 business hours. The approval requires adequate communication between us, the service provider, and you, the client, in order to successfully fulfill the order. Communication delays from the client will offset the approval process, which will cost and waste our administrator’s time and cost. If the client does not respond within 48 business hours, we will render the order complete with a courtesy email notification.

2. Approvals typically take only 7-10 days to complete. However, the client agrees to allow us up to 30 days to assist the client with the fulfillment of their order (starting from first submission date). The delay may be caused by the suppliers or the factory’s delayed response, or Amazon requiring additional information that we’ll have to extract from the supplier or factory. Every client’s approval process is unique and different. Therefore, with the troubleshooting of Amazon, please be patient during this time. The client is eligible for a full 100% refund, if the client is not fully approved for their chosen brand or category after 30 days from the first submission to Amazon. If the client requests an early refund prior to the 30 days time frame, starting from the day of first submission to Amazon, the client will be entitled to 0% refund, as to cover the expense and time incurred by our team. Overall, we ask that the client be patient during the approval process as there may be many unknown bumps with Amazon that our team must troubleshoot. Our main goal here is to get you approved and ungating ASAP. The sooner we get you approved, the faster you can sell. It is a win-win in terms of ungating speed. Upon approval of this agreement, the client must not tamper with the cases we open with Amazon, nor is the client allowed any other service provider, including the client, to respond or submit any cases relating to the brand or category that is requested for approval. Tampering with an open case, or opening a new case relating to the brand or category requested, will void the work order and a 0% refund will be issued.

3. Once the client has chosen their desired category or brands to ungate for approval, they may not change their mind on the accounts they wish to gain approval for, nor can they change the brands or category requested. Our team incurs costs in order to fulfill the approval, therefore, if a client keeps changing their mind, our team will spend money on approval for no reason. To avoid this, please be sure the brands and categories submitted for approval are correct. No refunds will be offered if the client tampers with a brand or category case while our team is actively working on the account, or if the client removes user permission which will disable us to continue to work on the approval. If any of these cases are detected, the client is eligible for a 0% refund.

4. You will see every approval document we submit to Amazon. Essentially, you will see 100% of the process so there is 100% transparency. Therefore, in order to ungate any brand or category, a purchase must be made on your end in order to fully satisfy Amazon’s ungating requirement. Our team will guide you 100% through the process of how to perform this process to fully ensure you are taking the correct action to ungate your brands or category in the correct format that Amazon is seeking. There is a 0% refund policy if the client does not take action after the supplier email and purchase instructions are sent. The submission will be deemed idle and complete due to the client’s unresponsiveness.

5. This is a non-refundable service. Clients will have 6 months from the purchase date to use this service. Once the 6 months have been reached, the service will expire and cannot be refunded. It is important to understand that if you purchase multiple brand(s) or category ungating services, you have to use them within the 6 month period starting on the first date of the purchase, but you do not have to use them all at once. For example, if you select 5 Brands or Categories to be ungated, then you can submit 1 brand per submission over the 6-month period.

6. Overall, we are here to help and guide you through the ungating approval process. Communication is paramount to the completion of the ungating process. The process of ungating takes time and is never linear, meaning, what works today, may not work tomorrow. Moreover, what is sufficient for one account, may not suffice for another account. All seller’s accounts are completely different and unique for the ungating process.

By submitting the above form, you agree to all policies set forth within this agreement page.